5 Techniques to Make You a Better Hunter

5 Techniques to Make You a Better Hunter

Every hunter knows that there is far more to it than heading out into the woods with a weapon and hoping for the best.  It is a skill that many of us learned from our fathers and in turn passed on to our children.  If you really want to up your game and grab better game then here are 5 techniques to make you a better hunter.

  1. Move slowly

Hunting is about patience, if you want to get that buck or whatever game you’re after you need to move slowly.  Noise, and fast movement will raise the alarm and you can say goodbye to your prey.  You want to have the patience to sit still for hours.  It is extremely difficult in the beginning, but practice keeping quiet and standing still observing the world around you.  Start with 5 minutes at a time and work your way up from there.

  1. Clear your view

Anticipating how your prey will move is all a part of hunting.  Once you arrive at your tree stand you need to get the lay of the land before you pick a spot and wait for the deer to walk through.  Look around at all possible entries from where a deer might come through.  Are there any branches blocking your view, can you get them out of your way, if you can then remove them.  Find a spot that allows you to move easily to shoot in any direction.  You need to always be prepared to shoot your prey.

  1. Practice makes perfect

It goes without saying that if you want to improve your skills then you need to practice.  Start with some training exercises to sharpen your shooting skills.  Improve your hand-eye coordination with some target practice.  Try out different weapons and hunt different prey.

  1. Technology is your friend

It’s not 1862 anymore and there are all kinds of tools that you can use to make your hunting trip easier.  There is no shame in using a high powered scope or a rangefinder.  The objective of hunting is to kill your prey and anything that helps you do that is perfectly fine.  Use the gear to acclimate yourself to the environment, as you get better at hunting you may no longer need all these accessories but if you want to, go ahead.

  1. You’re always learning

What the most successful hunters all have in common is their ability to adapt and learn.  They learn to use new weapons, they learn new techniques and follow other experienced hunters who know more than them.